2018 Tazewell Speedway Four-Cylinder Rules
(Updated 1-8-18)

Open to passenger automobiles and pick up trucks (no station wagons, convertibles or t-tops). Any year allowed. Absolutely no performance modifications are allowed unless specified below. In general, anything that improves the performance of the car over and above its factory capabilities is illegal. Anything to improve safety is generally permitted.

Must retain stock OEM floor pan and firewalls in stock location. Floor pan can be reinforced with steel plate. Any type of bodies can be run as long as they have OEM floor pan and firewalls in stock location (TRACK JUDGEMENT). Aftermarket front and rear bumper covers permitted (rear optional). All glass, plastic emblems and trim must be removed. No bump bars. Spoiler 4" max with 5" side boards.

Cars will be weighed before the race. Cars with OEM stock engines must weigh a minimum of 2,100 pounds (with driver). In order to qualify for this weight, you must have a completely stock engine except for a header and Holly 4412 (500CFM) carburetor. Cars with engine modifications must weigh a minimum of one pound per cc. For example, a car with a 2,300 cc engine must weigh a minimum of 2,300 pounds (with driver). Cars with an aftermarket aluminum head will add an additional 200 pounds to the one pound per cc rule with 100 pounds of the weight to go in front of the bellhousing. For example, a car with a 2300 cc engine and an aftermarket aluminum head would weigh a minimum of 2500 pounds (with driver). Cars with a stock aluminum head will add an additional 100 pounds to the one pound per cc rule. Any car that fails the weight requirement before the race will add the weight and start in the rear. Minimum weight is 2200 pounds for steel head engines, cars with stock aluminum or aftermarket aluminum heads must add weight as mentioned above.

All weight added to the car must be securely mounted with a minimum of two 3/8 grade 8 bolts. It must be painted white and the car number must be visible.
Any weight dropped on the racing surface will result in immediate disqualification.

All steering components must remain stock. Suspension must remain stock. Racing shocks and springs permitted. Shocks must mount in stock location. No coil-overs, jackscrews or adjustable shims permitted. Strut car may remove inner fenders and replace upper strut mounts to roll cage but must remain in stock location.

Stock frames only. May be reinforced. No tube frames allowed.

Stock OEM rear end or Nine Inch Ford rear-ends only. May be locked. Any gear allowed.

Stock OEM type transmissions only. Must have all working forward and reverse gears. Any flywheel allowed. No modifications. No exceptions. Racing clutch allowed, no ram couplers or direct drives. Bell housing must have a two inch inspection hole in the bottom to view flywheel and clutch. If not, removal of transmission may be required.

Four cylinder engines only. One spark plug and two valves per cylinder. Engine must match body.
Holly 4412 (500CFM) will be the only carburetor permitted. May remove choke and choke horn.. Adapter permitted not over 2 1/2 inch. All cars must have an operating starter.

Must have catch tank on radiator overflow, minimum two quarts. Any car leaking water on the track will be black flagged.

Pump, racing fuel, and E-85 allowed (no additives). No Methanol, alcohol or nitrous oxide allowed.
A fuel cell is required. The pick up must be located on the top of the fuel cell. Maximum capacity cannot exceed 22 gallons. Fuel cells must be contained in a completely enclosed 18 gauge steel container. No aluminum fuel cells are allowed. All fuel cells must be vented and have a screw type cap. Must have coiled tube to prevent leaking of fuel in the event of a roll over. Vent check valves are optional but the loop is mandatory. Cell may not hang lower than the rear end housing and must have a cell guard minimum 1 1/2" tube to bottom of cell. Gas cap may not extend thru body. When plumbing any fuel related item, DO NOT USE PLUMBERS TAPE.

Fuel pump must be mechanical, mounted in stock location. May run electric fuel pump, must run battery master disconnect. Fuel injection or superchargers not permitted. Easily accessible fuel shut-off valve is recommended on right side of the driver.

E 85 gasoline will be allowed. The specific gravity may not exceed .750 Protest fee will be $25.

Any U.S. manufactured steel wheel permitted, 13" x 8" inch maximum width bead to bead. No lightweight or aluminum wheels. Center of wheel must be of heavy duty construction. No wheel adaptors allowed. Wheel off-set optional. Bead locks permitted on all four wheels.

Any 13" tire.

No Radios or Mirrors.

1lb per lap with 10lb total tolerance allowed.